Course code MežZ5003

Credit points 25

Master Thesis

Total Hours in Course1000

Independent study hours1000

Date of course confirmation25.09.2012

Responsible UnitDepartment of Silviculture

Course developer

author prof.

Olga Miezīte

Dr. silv.

Course abstract

Master theses is a complex research of actual themes in forestry including ecosystem, sustainable and commercial aspects of the forest sector, it consist of topical review of research theme, reasonable research work and methodology of appropriate mathematical methods for processing of empirical data.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Writing of the master theses improves students’ knowledge about stages of scientific research beginning of choice of research theme and ending with appropriate design of master paper and defending of master theses. Forming of skills of searching and handling of scientific information take place as well as planning and accomplishing of experimental work, choosing of appropriate mathematical methods and applying of them, interpreting of obtained results afterwards working out proposals of realising of them. Consequently master students gain competence of formulating and ability of critical analysis of complex scientific and professional problems unaided for interpreting of obtained results and exposition of them.

Compulsory reading

1. Maģistra darbu izstrādāšana un aizstāvēšana:metodiskie norādījumi. Sast. H. Tuherms, A. Drēska, I. Liepa, D. Dubrovskis, Z. Saliņš, V. Kozuliņš, U. Spulle, Jelgava: LLU, 2010. 26 lpp.
2. Arhipova I., Bāliņa S. Statistika ekonomikā un biznesā. Rīga: Datorzinību centrs, 2006. 362 lpp. Ir
3. Krastiņš O., Ciemiņa I. Statistika. Rīga: LR Centrālā statistikas pārvalde, 2003. 267 lpp.
4. Zar J. H. Biostatistical Analysis. New Jersey: Published by Prentice Hall, 1999. 591 p.

Further reading

1. Ahipova I., Bāliņa S. Statistika ar Microsoft Excel ikvienam: mācību līdzeklis 1.daļa, Rīga, Datorzinību Centrs, 1999. 168 lpp.
2. Arhipova I., Bāliņa S. Statistika ar Microsoft Excel ikvienam: mācību līdzeklis 2.daļa, Rīga, Datorzinību Centrs, 2000. 136 lpp.

Periodicals and other sources

1. LLU raksti (Proceedings of LAU,; ISSN 1407-4427
2. Starptautiskais zinātnisko rakstu krājums "Baltic Forestry"; ; ISSN 1392-1355
3. Zinātnisko rakstu krājums "Mežzinātne". [tiešsaiste]. Salaspils: Latvijas Valsts Mežzinātnes institūts "Silava". ISSN 1407-270X. Pieejams: