Course code MežZ3008

Credit points 2

Field Seminars of Silviculture

Total Hours in Course80

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes32

Independent study hours48

Date of course confirmation08.11.2011

Responsible UnitDepartment of Silviculture

Course developer

author lect.

Edgars Dubrovskis

Mg. silv.

Course abstract

Setting up sampling plots. Numeration of trees. Tree height and diameter measurement. Recognizing elements of forest structure. Different sampling plot check up. Calculation of stand taxation parameters. Preparing report.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

1. During the forestry practice, students undertake methodology for setting up a new scientific plots, calculating stand indicators and evaluating data – practical works.

2. Students have the ability to independently install plots in different forest ecosystems, perform measurements of the tree diameter, height and other characteristics – practical works.

3. Capable of analysing the structural elements of the forest stand – practical works.

4. He or she shall be able to use the measurements obtained for the calculation of forest stands taxation indicators and to perform their graphic presentation – practical works.

5. After learning a study course, students shall be competent to install scientific plots independently in order to collect both qualitative and quantitative data on the subject forest stand, including for the development of bachelor's work – practical works.

bout appropriate forest stand for bachelor thesis.

Requirements for awarding credit points

The groups must take part in all practice sessions involving the installation of plots and the proper measurement.

Data entry, further calculation and data mathematical processing must be performed.

The calculated parameters should be analyzed and reported in Word/PDF format as part of the group work , following the above instructions for qualitative and quantitative evaluation.

The report should be defended by presenting its results to the supervisor and other participants of the study course.

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

Students in groups shall independently evaluate the information provided prior to the practice regarding the mandatory and potential calculation indicators, which would describe as completely as possible the forest stands to be measured, their development, their further use to justify the survey of different indicators and characteristics in nature and the calculation at the stage of the cameric works, their analysis.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

The countdown rating is composed of an arithmetic average of the qualitative and quantitative valuation of the submitted report and presentation.

Compulsory reading

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Further reading

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Periodicals and other sources

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