Course code LauZ4237

Credit points 4

Production of Plant Crop II

Total Hours in Course160

Number of hours for lectures32

Number of hours for laboratory classes32

Independent study hours96

Date of course confirmation28.10.2011

Responsible UnitInstitute of Soil and Plant Science

Course developer

author #Agrobiotehnoloģijas institūts

Dzintra Kreita

Mg. agr.

Course abstract

Students become familiar with several field crops groups, forms or varieties economical importance, utilisation, classification, breeding sorts, them morphological and biological qualities, agroecological requirements, growing and development individuality, yield and it’s quality forming rules, agrotechnics for some cultivated plants under different soil and meteorological conditions, calculation of the production costs and gross weight discharge.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Students obtain knowledge about morphology, agroecological requirements of field crops, and influence of different factors on yield and quality indexes. They know how to identify species of field crops in different growth stages, to estimate a suitability of varieties for growing in particular agrometeorological conditions.
Students have skills to determine quality indexes of produce.
Students are competent to work out the technological schemes of crop management for the planed yield level, to calculate cultivation costs, to organize and manage production procedures of field crop produce, to evaluate their execution quality.

Compulsory reading

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Further reading

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Periodicals and other sources

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