Course code LauZ4125

Credit points 2

Repair and Safety of Automobiles

Total Hours in Course80

Number of hours for lectures16

Number of hours for laboratory classes16

Independent study hours48

Date of course confirmation07.02.2017

Responsible UnitMotor Vehicle Institute

Course developer


Aleksandrs Galoburda

Dr. sc. ing.

Course abstract

Principles and necessity of machine repairs. Ways and methods of machines repairs. Technological scheme of the machine repairs. Dismantling technology. Washing of parts. Fault detection of parts. Methods of junction renovation. Methods of parts renovation. Repairs of superstructure. Engine repairs. Gear box repairs. Repairs and working of assemblies. Car mounting. Painting.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Knowledge on vehicle repair methods and techniques. Skills to use modern repair technologies. Competence to select the most economic repair technology.

Compulsory reading

1. Galoburda A. Automobiļu remonts. Jelgava: LLU, 2008. 239 lpp.
2. Galoburda A. Mašīnu remonts : laboratorijas darbu uzdevumi, to izpildes metodika un palīgmateriāli. Jelgava: LLU, 2008. 40 lpp.

Further reading

1. Miķelsons Z., Pīrs V. Spēkratu konstrukcijas. Jelgava: LLU, 2008. 199 lpp.

Periodicals and other sources

1. Auto Moto Žurnāls. Rīga: Dadzis, Moto Magazyn (Polija). ISSN 1407-0952.
2. За рулем. Москва: За рулем. ISSN 0321-4249.