Course code Ekon3087

Credit points 2

Insurance Market

Total Hours in Course80

Number of hours for lectures16

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes16

Independent study hours48

Date of course confirmation23.01.2019

Responsible UnitInstitute of Finance and Accounting

Course developer

author Finanšu un grāmatvedības institūts

Anda Vītiņa

Mg. paed.

Course abstract

Study course aims to provide students with the knowledge of insurance, the nature and importance of the insurance market, insurance legislation, learn about life and non-life existing forms of insurance, understand the nature and importance of the reinsurance, insurance funds raising procedures in joint stock insurance companies, as well as learn about business of private Latvian pension funds.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

• Knowledge - insurance terminology and legislation regulating the insurance market, life and non-life insurance market processes, private pension funds and their investment plans in the offers.
• Skills – orientation in the insurance and risk offers of insurance market, independently evaluate the insurance contract and critically examine the insurance premiums. Attitude - understanding of working principles of insurance agent or broker, and his/her fairness towards clients.
• Competence - able to independently navigate the Latvian insurance market and its statistics. Able to assess the security risks and to take respective decisions. Understand the need for mutual trust between customers and insurance agents or brokers. Understanding conditions of the insurance contracts and required actions at insurance

Compulsory reading

1. Blends D. Apdrošināšana: pamatprincipi un prakse. Rīga, 1995. 394 lpp.
2. Graudiņa A. Apdrošināšanas pamati. Rīga: LU Akadēmiskais apgāds, 2010. 163 lpp.
3. Rubanovskis A. Apdrošināšanas pamati: teorija, plānošana, problēmas. Rīga: EKA, 2004. 201 lpp.
4. Sūniņa - Markēviča K. Apdrošināšana. Rīga: Junior Achievement - Latvija, Rīga, 2003. 143 lpp.

Further reading

1. Apdrošināšanas sabiedrību un to uzraudzības likums LR likums. Latvijas Vēstnesis, 1998, 30.jūn., Nr.188/189.
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