Course code Citi2035

Credit points 3

Basics of Crafts

Total Hours in Course48

Number of hours for lectures24

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes24

Date of course confirmation27.02.2018

Responsible UnitInstitute of Education and Home Economics

Course developer

author Izglītības un mājsaimniecības institūts

Zane Beitere-Šeļegovska

Mg. paed.

Course abstract

Study course introduces with branches of trade and it organization forms, promote development of students’ creative skills to create new product or to realize new idea. Rouse understanding about instant situation in crafts market and potentialities to realize own crafts products in Latvia and abroad.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

After completing the course student will have:
knowledge: about branches of trade and forms of organization, potentialities to realize crafts product in Latvia or abroad;
skills: to investigate crafts market both in Latvia and abroad and to be able to offer innovative crafts product or realize new idea;
competence: to choose the most suitable form of crafts organization to own aspects, to find the right niche for oneself in crafts market.

Compulsory reading

1. Auziņš A. (2006). Amatu noslēpumi. Rīga: Antēra, 165, [2] lpp.
2. Amatniecibas un mākslas centri (2010). Jelgava : Zemgales plānošanas reģions, 28 lpp.
3. Valsts ieņēmumu dienesta metodiskie materiāli [tiešsaiste]. [skatīts 25.06.2015.]. Pieejams:
4. Rurāne M. (2007) Uzņēmuma finanses. R.: Jumava, 266 lpp.

Further reading

1. Latvijas Amatniecības kamera. [tiešsaiste]. [skatīts 25.06.2015.]. Pieejams:
2. Likums par amatniecību. [tiešsaiste]. Pieņemts: 02.02.1993. Stājas spēkā: 11.03.1993.. [skatīts 25.06.2015.]. Pieejams:
3. Radošā amatniecība. Pieredze. Izaicinājumi (2014). Jelgava: Zemgales plānošanas reģions, 57 lpp.