Course code BūvZP048

Credit points 8

Building Management I

Total Hours in Course320

Independent study hours320

Date of course confirmation13.12.2016

Responsible UnitDepartment of Architecture and Building

Course developer

author Arhitektūras un būvniecības katedra

Sandra Gusta

Dr. oec.

Prior knowledge

BūvZ2047, Building Materials

BūvZ3111, Construction Process Technology I

BūvZ3112, Construction Process Technology II

BūvZ4098, Supervission and Management of Construction I

BūvZP047, Building Management I

Course abstract

Introduction in the architectonic planning of the units within the practice, constructive solution, the project of organisation of work and comparison with its implementation in practice, getting the know latest machinery and technology of construction work, rationalisation proposals, investigation in the technical economic characteristics of the project-estimate documentation.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

After completing the course student will have strengthened, expanded and systematized theoretical and practical knowledge and critical understanding of the building work processes, technology, building work planning, organizing and managing in the building site, to acquire the necessary skills in building management and organization of the site, receive training in building work in organizing the site, will have jurisdiction to develop the building companies driver issued individual task. Practice Reports, Practice Presentation.

Course Content(Calendar)

1.Getting acquainted with the place and management of practice, regulations of labor protection legislation and internal procedures.
2.Introduction to architectural planning and constructive solution of practice objects.
3.Acquaintance with the construction organization project and its realization on the construction site.
4.Introducing the latest techniques and technology in construction work.
5.Introducing rationalization proposals and innovations. Receiving an individual task.
6.Exploration of technical-economic indicators of project - estimates documentation.
7.Acquisition of practical skills in completing construction documentation on site. Dating Completion of Construction Worksheet.
8.Introducing the calendar of construction works and their updating. Possibilities of application of MP in their compilation.
9.Execution and execution of individual tasks.
10.Introduction to the storage of building materials in the facility, their accounting, quality, losses, conformity certificates.
11.Compliance with labor protection, fire-fighting regulations and norms, as well as measures to be taken at the construction site.
12.Organization of construction teams and division of work between team members.
13.The level of load on the facility, types of main mechanisms, their load schedule
14.Measures for improvement of construction works on site.
15.Quality Control of Building Structures and Construction Products.
16.Compilation of practice report (report), compilation and defense of the report.

Requirements for awarding credit points

There must be submitted and defended practice report (report), prepared presentation, completed practice diary, completed practice supervisor from construction organization and diploma project manager given individual tasks related to the topic of the diploma project, positive feedback from practice supervisor at work place. Test with a note.The Test mark consists of report and presentation.

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

Presentation on the topic of the report, report (at least 10 slides). Practical works.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

The assessment of the study course test depends on the content of the practice report, feedback from the practice supervisor at the workplace, individual tasks and evaluation of the practice presentation.

Compulsory reading

1. Gusta S. Metodiskie norādījumi Ražošanas-pirmsdiploma prakses atskaites/pārskata izstrādāšanas un aizstāvēšanas metodiskie norādījumi. Jelgava: LLU, 2008. 41 lpp. 2. Būvniecības vadības rokasgrāmata. Rīga: Dienas bizness, 2006. 3. Fjodorova S. Darba kvalitāte būvniecībā un būvobjektu pieņemšana ekspluatācijā. Rīga: RTU, 2008.

Further reading

1.Būvniecības likums: LR likums [tiešsaiste]. Stājas spēkā 01.10.2014, ar grozījumiem. [Skatīts 17.01.2016.]. Pieejams: 2.Vispārīgie būvnoteikumi: MK noteikumi Nr.500 [tiešsaiste]. Stājas spēkā 01.10.2014. ar grozījumiem. [Skatīts .17.01.2016.]. Pieejams: 3.Ēku būvnoteikumi: MK noteikumi Nr.529 [tiešsaiste]. Stājas spēkā 01.10.2014. ar grozījumiem. [Skatīts .17.01.2016.]. Pieejams:

Periodicals and other sources

1. Latvijas Būvniecība: ceļvedis būvniecības nozares virzītājiem. Rīga: Lilita. ISSN 1691-4058. 2. Praktiskā Būvniecība. Rīga: ISAVE. ISSN 1407-8929. 3. Būvinženieris. Rīga: Latvijas Būvinženieru savienība, ISSN 9771-0008. 3. Latvijas Architektūra: ceļvedis arhitektūras jomas speciālistiem: Rīga: Lilita. ISSN 1407-4923


1 st Level Higher Education Study Programme “Civil Engineering”